East Berkshire Golf Club

Membership Subscriptions 1st July 2024 – 30th June 2025


Annual Subscription

(excluding national & county fees**)

Monthly Payment

Full £2,238.00 £186.50
Intermediate 31-35 £1,671.00 £139.25
Intermediate 26-30 £1,260.00 £105.00
Intermediate 19-25 £798.00 £66.50
Junior 15-18* £426.00 N/A
Junior 10-14* £260.00 N/A
Social £164.00 N/A

* Juniors can enjoy HALF PRICE membership if a parent or grandparent is a Full member.
**National & County Fees are currently: Gentlemen - £19.50, Ladies - £17.50

Additional Services:

Small locker rental:                     £38.28 (Ladies locker room only)                        Large locker rental:         £76.56

Buggy storage:                              £162.00 (Please contact Club Office for details and waiting list)

Development Fund Contribution: £2,238.00 – (Equal to one years’ full member subscription)

Sometimes referred to as the ‘joining fee’ this is a one-off payment upon joining East Berks. Over the years every member has paid this contribution, which goes directly into the Club’s ‘Vision Fund’ in order to finance the major upgrades and ongoing improvements to our golf course and Club facilities. This must be paid up front in full for all new Full Members.

Intermediates 19-25 - The Development Fund Contribution is payable at £5 per month (£60 per year).
Intermediates 26-30 – The Development Fund Contribution is payable at £10 per month (£120 per year).
Intermediates 31-35 – The Development Fund Contribution is payable at £20 per month (£240 per year).
All Juniors - £50 of the annual subscription goes towards their Development Fund Contribution. This £50 is included in the fees stated above.
When you reach 36 years of age, the full balance must be paid off. Please contact the Club Office for further details on payment options.

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