East Berkshire Golf Club


Etiquette is an extremely important part of the game at all clubs not just East Berkshire. The respect golfers show to one another out on the course is one of the things that distinguish golf from most other sports.

Safety first

Do not swing clubs close to other people and do not walk near to people swinging clubs. Always shout ‘fore’ following a wayward shot and cover your head with your arms should you hear a shout of ‘fore’.

Be quiet and still

Golf requires lots of concentration and even if the people in your immediate group don't seem to be bothered by noise and movement there are other groups all around you that will be. So keep your voice down and be aware of others. Keep still when people are playing their shots – from the moment they address the ball until it has left the club.

Speed of play

Slow golf is annoying to everyone on the course. No matter how many players there are in a group, slower groups must invite faster groups to play through. Be aware of the group behind and try to adopt the following habits:

•  Take just one practice swing

•  Plan your shot before it's your turn to play

•  Watch any misdirected shots in your group carefully

•  Look around for the next tee when you approach the green

•  First one in take the pin and replace it when your group has holed out

•  Keep up with the group ahead of you (not ahead of the group behind)

•  Play Ready Golf

Playing Through

Playing Through another group is one of the most awkward parts of golf. It is difficult because often, there is an implication that the group who is ‘being played through’ is somehow in the wrong, be it a lost ball or just slow play. Be courteous and thank them for inviting you through. 

Repair the ground you play on

Make sure you have a pitch mark repairer with you and use it to repair your own and one other! Replace your divot or fill the hole with soil and sand mix. As Arnold Palmer said ‘rake bunkers like you mean it’.

Property Surrounding the Course

Any member, their guest, or visitor that hits a ball out of bounds into the housing surrounding the course MUST report the incident to the Club Office at the end of the round. On no account should any attempt be made to retrieve the ball from a garden.

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