East Berkshire Golf Club

Entrant List for 19+ Inter-Club County Event

71 players have been signed up for this competition as of 8:12 AM Monday 17th June

Brian Baldwin (Goring & Streatley)
Jamie Blake (Henley)
Frank Blundell (20.1)
Tony Bowley (Goring & Streatley)
David Broadhead (Reading)
Roy Burt (Calcot Park)
Colin Butler (Goring & Streatley)
Stuart Cameron (20.3)
Peter Chidgey (Sonning)
Rod Clay (30.5)
Ray Coleman (Goring & Streatley)
Ian Cooper (Reading)
Steve Cox (Calcot Park)
Glyn Crocombe (24.8)
Robert Daden (Reading)
Steve Darby (Calcot Park)
Shiv Datt (Reading)
Chris Deevey (Sonning)
Michael Durkin (Newbury & Crookham)
Martyn Durrant (Reading)
Richard Ellis (Maidenhead)
Steve Feigen (Henley)
Roger Fitchett (Sonning)
Les Francis (Newbury & Crookham)
Les Franklin (Henley)
Keith Gardner (Calcot Park)
Malcolm Giles (Calcot Park)
John Grant (Maidenhead)
Jonathan Grocock (Henley)
John Harkin (Maidenhead)
David Harris (Reading)
Ian Heighes (Sonning)
Anthony Henry-Lyons (Goring & Streatley)
Paul High (Newbury & Crookham)
Tony Hill (Maidenhead)
Derek Inglut (Newbury & Crookham)
Richard Jackson (Henley)
Kevin James (Henley)
Stephen Kent (Sonning)
Keith Lock (Calcot Park)
Steve Lynch (Newbury & Crookham)
Tom Lynch (Reading)
Peter McNicoll (Maidenhead)
Ady Milne (17.5)
Geoffrey Mitchell (19.5)
Duncan Morgan-Russell (Calcot Park)
Neil Nugent (Henley)
Keith O'Dell (Newbury & Crookham)
Tony Powell (Goring & Streatley)
Tony Price (Goring & Streatley)
Cris Reynolds (Sonning)
Tony Ritchie (Maidenhead)
Jan Robinson (Maidenhead)
Paul Sambrook (Henley)
John Searle (Sonning)
Hassan Shafeeu (Sonning)
Paddy Skinner (23.3)
Dave Slarks (Goring & Streatley)
Graeme Smith (Maidenhead)
Terry Sparkes (25.5)
John Stafford (Goring & Streatley)
Nick Tarrant (Reading)
Leslie Thelwall (Sonning)
Jeff Van Doorn (Newbury & Crookham)
Ian Wallace (Reading)
John Walmsley (26.7)
Philip Watts (Maidenhead)
Ken Weeks (Newbury & Crookham)
David Williams (Calcot Park)
Toby Willson (Henley)
Darrell Wright (Calcot Park)

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